A fantastic trailer is really the first thing that gets you lining up at the box office, isn’t it? The phenomenon is indisputable. If you create a great preview, a glimpse of the wonderful entertainment or spectacle that lies ahead, you’ll be able to convince people to come watch. In the case of apps, that’s the job of a fantastic app preview – to get people to download your app.

Filmmakers get their best people on the job to cut the trailer. Are putting your best effort into creating an app preview? Today, we’ll help you nail it. Let’s talk about how to showcase the best features of your app, present your brand’s goal, create a sense of excitement, stimulate the users into action and show the vast potential of your app, all in under 30 seconds. So let’s dive in.

How Important Is An App Preview?

That depends on how you define important. You don’t technically need a preview to submit your app to the app store. However, users today want to be sure they are spending their time, bandwidth and phone storage on something worthwhile. So they’re watching not just one but up to three app previews before downloading an app. An app’s listing just looks incomplete and half-hearted without a proper app preview, all screenshots, detailed descriptions and all the other information that can possibly be fitted on the app storefront.

So to show the audience that your app has a solid potential and also to show how committed you are to it, create an app preview. It’s a little bit of work, but worth the rewards it brings. According to a study by StoreMaven, having an app preview can help increase your app’s conversion rates by 20-35%.

Identify and Explain Your Core Value Proposition

The first thing your app preview – and your app – needs, in fact, is a purpose. What is the core value you are offering? A thrilling game experience? An enlightening knowledge experience? A way to get some mundane, tedious job faster? A quick dose of entertainment? You need to tell your audience exactly what they stand to gain from your app. So your app preview must address that well and quickly. It needs to show them what to expect. Also use the app preview to show how your app does things differently from what the users might have already seen. Briefly talk about all your top features, be it high quality graphics or top-class handmade content.