As far as I know I was the first guy to bring iOS push notifications for Adobe AIR, but that was almost six months ago. Since then I saw few guys able to succed in that too and it’s great to see that Flash community is still alive event though Adobe has turned their back on Flex and Flash and focused on HTML5 technologies and PhoneGap (Cordova).

When Adobe introduced native extensions I thought it was a great step forward for AIR, yet it seemed to me that at best 2% of Flash developers will be able to use this opportunity since it was very unlikely that one developer could master ActionScript, Objective-C and Java simultanously and create an extension for AIR on their own. But I guess I was wrong and any great ANEs were released.

I received dozens of mails and even more comments on my blog regarding my extensions for in-app mail and APNS that became quite popular and were implemented in many AIR projects. There were some issues brought up I managed to fix them, so thank you for testing and letting me know about them.
Over this time we kept on working on extensions for randori clients and some of them were improved and updated to support iOS SDK 5.1 and iOS 5.0 up and Android.

Soon I’ll update this post with new example project using the updated version of those extensions.
Also there is a new ane coming which I think most of the AIR developers will find usefull.