The introduction of blockchain technology into the operation of online casinos can maximize the benefits of using innovative technologies in order to manage the rapidly developing gambling business in the most efficient way. You can get access to modern casinos at

The most important factor of this technology has been the possibility of open control over the transactions conducted. This policy has significantly increased the business reputation of online gambling by showing that casinos that use blockchain have no ability to manipulate and manipulate the gaming process and have no influence on the results of winnings. Thus, online gambling has become as transparent as possible, and information is exchanged at high speed and with a high degree of reliability.

Given the fact that each month a huge number of new gambling games appears on the market and customers want to have quick access to them, the issue of quick placement of new games on online casino sites is acute. APIGRATOR, a single game integration protocol developed by Slotegrator, provided such an opportunity. Thanks to this product, casinos were able to add thousands of new titles from leading manufacturers to their platform with one click.


Today cryptocurrency is the most reliable and absolutely anonymous payment means for mutual settlements on the gambling platforms. Blockchain technology has also improved the methods of transactions between players and casinos. Bitcoin has become the most common currency in recent years, helped by the rapid growth of its popularity since 2015. Nevertheless, this does not prevent other cryptocurrencies, such as etherium, litecoin and many others, from settling gaming results.

In addition, gambling gives the opportunity to pay with fiat currency as well. Over the past decade, players have gained access to a variety of payment methods through terminals, accounts used by mobile operators, online transfers, bank credit cards and many other payment systems.

In order that customers could use any convenient way of payment during the game, it is necessary to integrate payment systems to online casino sites. The payment platform MoneyGrator gave such an opportunity, providing access to hundreds of different payment methods from traditional credit cards to cryptocurrency transactions and mobile transfers.

Social networks and messengers

Internet users most actively use the opportunities of the means of communication, provided by social networks and various messengers. Over the past ten years, they have considerably replaced the usual telephone and even mobile communications.

Such statistics could not miss the attention of gambling sites and they adapted as quickly as possible to the existing reality, quickly mastered the social networks, where today the casinos are becoming more and more popular. Facebook users got the opportunity while communicating with friends and colleagues at the same time to play using any gadget. Messengers are also widely used in gambling, and the participants get full anonymity at high speed access. Telegram Casino bot allows bypassing online casino blockades, which is especially relevant when online gambling is banned in some countries.

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