I just released a Localytics native extension for AIR. It’s available on github https://github.com/randori/ANE-Localytics . This version supports iOS only, but Android support should be added in a few days.
Localytics is one of the biggest analytics services available for mobile devices, I like it because the collected data is available almost in real-time and for it’s simplicity.

Update 22 June 2014
Localytics ANE now supports iOS and Android AIR 

How to use ANE-Localytics

Sign up for a free / premium Localytics account and create an application key https://dashboard.localytics.com/localytics_applications
Download .ane and .swc from https://github.com/randori/ANE-Localytics/downloads and add the ANE to you project

import pl.randori.ane.Localytics;

Start a Localytics session when the app finishes loading:

//Start Localytics session

When the session has been initialized you can log events and screens. Events can have attributes (optional).

//Example 1: Location based sports app – finished run / walk
Localytics.tagEvent(“run_finished”, {‘distance’:’1-2km’, ‘time’:’6-10min’, ‘gps_accuracy’:’10-20 meters’});
Localytics.tagEvent(“run_finished”, {‘distance’:’>10km’, ‘time’:’30-45min’, ‘gps_accuracy’:’>100 meters’});

//Example 2: button was pressed
Localytics.tagEvent(“button_pressed”, {‘button_id’:’login’});
Localytics.tagEvent(“button_pressed”, {‘button_id’:’share’, ‘share_type’:’facebook’});

//Example 3, Screen flow: E-commerce app

Check out the example projects (Flash CS6, Flash Builder 4.6) as a starting point.

There are two versions of the .ane file – release and debug. What’s the differece between ANE_Localytics-debug and ANE_Localytics-release? Release builds are optimized builds and don’t print logs to iOS console.

ANE Localytics supports iOS 4.0 and newer.