Buying a home could probably be the biggest purchase a person makes in a lifetime. You can imagine then (or have probably experienced it yourself) that it takes an insane amount of research to find the right property.

People spend months, perhaps years, combing through listings, contacting real estate agents, visiting properties, comparing prices, calculating interest rates, and most of all, analyzing the future value of making such a humongous investment. Just like everything else in life, people look to the help of technology when taking this gigantic decision. With a truly useful, well designed and feature rich real estate app, you can tap into this ever growing, highly profitable market that is truly looking for a disruption.

That’s right. Even though online property finder apps and websites like Zillow and effectively revolutionized real estate a decade or two ago, a bigger disruption is now in order, where apps leverage the powers of mobile technology and geo-fencing, augmented reality and virtual reality, to help dwelling-seekers and investors find the right property for them. Mobile real estate apps could help buyers visualize the future of their property in real time, see what it will look like in a few years when the development is complete, assess if this place would be worth the price tag, and do so much more.

So in short, property buyers and sellers with thousands, maybe millions at stake, would be willing to pay handsomely to use an app that will help them make better decisions. If you can provide them the right app, you’re sitting on a billion dollar idea here.

Today, let’s take a look at how you can develop a killer real estate app that can truly help users and in turn bring in top dollar revenues. We’ll talk about the top features, technologies and creative ideas you can integrate into a mobile app to make it every property buyer’s holy-grail. So let’s dive right in.